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What's Lovely Grit Studio About?


Creative Design, Cohesive Branding & Thought-out Marketing Strategy

Our clients come to us knowing it's time to focus on branding, but not knowing what their brand is or where to start. They're at the point where they can no longer DIY their digital marketing & design. They not only need the strategy, they need the time.

We help our clients get back to what they do best in their business as we deliver a solid plan for website design, brand awareness, digital marketing, and business growth. As a small business ourselves, we know what it's like to work with large design and marketing agencies, and we think you deserve better.

Our work is one-on-one, completely customized with you in mind.

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for dreamers
for doers
for go-getters
for those who go against the crowd
for ambitious entrepreneurs
for mom-bosses
for gutsy risk-takers
for those who want to grow
for business owners who get their hands dirty but want something lovely


Who We Are


The Gist

We are an NYC based independent design & marketing studio with a passion for unapologetically bold branding and design and creatively strategic marketing. We work with business owners who are right there in the throes of their business, getting their hands dirty & focusing on their dream.

With an extensive background in marketing strategies and an innate eye for creative concepts & good design, we’ll help you set goals, surpass them, and leave your mark—because the world deserves to see it.

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samantha - founder

Anyone who knows me knows I try to avoid the limelight as much as possible. I prefer to make you shine instead! I have an unhealthy obsession with marketing & design and pretty much just do a whole lot of it!

My background in psychology helps me see a different perspective in terms of attracting my clients’ ideal audience.

I believe in working hard, gritting your teeth & putting in the time and effort to making your goals more than just ideas floating around in your head.


do it with grit, or don’t do it at all.